Construction experience

Licensing record

 The EPR™ design complies with requirements formulated by the French and German safety authorities.
The European Utility Requirement (EUR) organisation has certified that the EPR™ reactor design is compliant with European Utility requirements. AREVA was formally presented with the certificate during a special ceremony held in Brussels on July 15th 2009. The EUR assessment was extremely detailed, covering over 4,675 requirements drawn up by electricity generation companies from Germany, Belgium, UK, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Russian Federation and Sweden.
The EPR™ design also takes into account the expectations of the "Utility Requirements Document" issued by the U.S. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

 The EPR™ reactor has already obtained construction licenses from safety authorities in France, Finland and China. It has successfully completed Generic Design Assessment in the UK and is undergoing Design Certification in the USA.

EPR is a reality

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 The EPR™ reactor  is already under construction:
 at Olkiluoto in Finland since late 2005 - See the EPR™ reactor dome lifting - September 20th, 2009
 at Flamanville in France since mid 2007.
 at Taishan in China since mid 2008.

 TVO in Finland, EDF in France and Taishan Nuclear Power Company (TSNPC) in China will operate these new EPR™ plants. This construction experience will allow future orders to benefit from valuable feedback.

 The EPR™ reactor is also being considered by American utilities for the development of their generating capacity. It is currently undergoing licensing in the US.


EPR™ Submission Volumes