Continuity in technology

The direct descendant of the N4 and KONVOI reactors

Civaux NPP - France

 The EPR™ reactor is the direct descendant of the well proven N4 and KONVOI reactors used in France and Germany. Its design is based on experience from several thousand reactor-years of light water reactor operation worldwide.

It also incorporates results from the R&D work being carried out by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), German Research Institutes, AREVA and EDF.


Equipment manufacturing
in Chalon Saint Marcel plant

 Another major advantage is that the existing industrial capacity for design, engineering, equipment manufacturing, nuclear power plant construction and maintenance can be easily deployed on new EPR™ plants.

 The EPR™ reactor relies on a sound and proven technology.

 It has already received construction licenses from the French, Finnish and China safety authorities. 

 Design, licensing, construction, operability and maintainability of EPR™ units benefit from extensive AREVA and EDF worldwide experience and expertise.


EPR™ Submission Volumes


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