Overview of the UK EPR™ GDA Submission

 Overview of the UK EPR™ GDA Submission, provides an overview of the main design and safety features of the UK EPR™ reactor. It provides links to key chapters of the UK EPR™ GDA submission where further information is provided. It outlines the structure of our GDA submission and explains where to find information. Why not download a copy....

The AREVA and EDF UK EPR™ GDA submission comprises:

 Safety, Security and Environmental Report (SSER) consisting of a:
  Pre Construction Safety Report (PCSR) describing nuclear safety aspects and a:
  Pre Construction Environment Report (PCER) describing the environmental impact of the UK EPR™ design.
  Supporting documents provide further information on the UK EPR™ reactor.

 Submission Master List (SML) is a list of documentation which defines the documents underwriting the UK EPR™ design and which are included in the scope of the Generic Design Assessment submission.

  Design Reference Configuration defines the main technical requirements for the UK EPR™ design and the reference design configuration supporting the GDA submission, including design changes introduced during the GDA process. The document also lists items which are outside the scope of the GDA.

 The EPR™ reactor is a Pressurised Water Reactor whose design combines familiar and proven technology based on the most recent French N4 and German KONVOI reactors with performance and safety innovations to effectively meet current and future electricity needs.

Four EPR™ reactors are already being built in Finland, France and China.


The purpose of this website is to inform members of the public of the UK EPR™ reactor design which has been assessed by the UK Regulatory Authorities under their Generic Design Assessment process.


EPR™ Submission Volumes