GDA process for the UK EPR™ reactor

 The UK faces a huge challenge to ensure a secure supply of clean and affordable energy. The most effective way to keep the lights on, to keep energy bills down and to deal with climate change is through using energy more efficiently and generating electricity from a diverse mix of lower carbon energy sources. This mix includes new nuclear power stations, renewables, clean coal and gas.

Deciding on the right way to address these challenges is an issue of national importance and the consultation on the role of new nuclear is vital to reach a national policy position on the way forward. Building the generating capacity to address these challenges will take time and, with that in mind, work is continuing on a contingent basis.

Building and maintaining public confidence in the nuclear industry is important to us, and we recognise that engaging with members of the public is a good way of helping us achieve that.  We are therefore committed to being as open and transparent as possible, which is why we are publishing our consolidated safety, security and environmental submissions having completed the GDA for the UK EPRTM.

 The UK Nuclear Regulators (the Office for Nuclear Regulation, and the Environment Agency) developed the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process for new UK nuclear power stations. The aim being to produce a consistent and transparent process that can be applied to different reactor designs offered by several companies.

Under the Generic Design Assessment process, companies submit information on their reactor designs to the Nuclear Regulators, who assess this information before a full application is made to build a nuclear power station at a particular site. 
The process involves a rigorous and structured examination of detailed design information by the Regulators. At the end of their assessment (and at key stages during it), the Regulators issue reports on their findings, confirming whether they judge a design to be satisfactory. 
These reports, along with regular updates on the GDA process, can be found on the Regulator GDA website.

 The assessment process is carried out in an open and transparent manner, designed to facilitate the involvement of the public, who are able to view and have been able to comment on design information published on the web.

The UK EPR™ reactor Generic Design Assessment process

EPR™ reactor
AREVA NP / Image et Process

 AREVA and EDF submitted a joint application for Generic Design Assessment of the UK EPR™.
This nuclear power reactor combines familiar and proven technology with performance and safety innovations.
The UK EPR™ is based on the EPR™ reactor already being built at Flamanville in France.

 The application brings together the combined strengths of:
 AREVA, the owner and manufacturer of EPR™ technology, and a vendor already building EPR™ reactors in Finland, China and France,
 EDF, the leading nuclear energy utility in Europe which is constructing an EPR™ reactor in France and through its subsidiary EDF-Energy has recently become a site licensee for the construction of the UK EPR™  at Hinkley Point C. 

The purpose of this website is to inform members of the public of the UK EPR™ design and the final submission we made to the UK Regulators to complete the Generic Design Assessment.

Throughout the GDA process we have regularly updated our Safety, Security and Environment Report (SSER) on this website. This current version incorporates additional design, safety and environmental information agreed with the Regulators to close out their 31 GDA Issues raised in 2011.

Completion of the GDA has resulted in the issue of a Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) by ONR and a Statement of Design Acceptability (SoDA) by the Environment Agency for the UK EPR™ reactor

We hope you will use the site to learn about the UK EPR™ reactor.


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